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Funny Girl Jokes: Claude Stuart Tells Girls Jokes! - Stand Up Comedy

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Claude Stuart jokes about girls. Get your daily dose of great Stand Up Comedy @ StandUpBits - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!

I realize that what guys joke about and what girls joke about are completely different. Guys have really disguising jokes, but girls joke about things a lot more hurtful. Girls jokes can turn into eating disorders...if that's funny girls jokes are on a completely different level of funny. I also love joke girls. What is a joke girl you may ask? Joke girls are those girls who aren't comedians, but they thing they are, so they continue to tell jokes thinking they are funny, but they end up not being funny because no one had the balls to tell them they aren't funny. That actually reminds me of some jokes girls may play on each other. Just make the girl think she's funny so she could be a joke girl. That's definitely jokes girls can understand...or at least some jokes about girls that some girls find funny. In this bit, Claude Stuart talks about his incident with a joke girl, and continues on with his jokes about girls. Good thing for him, they are some funny girl jokes, if they weren't funny girl jokes, he just looks like a joke guy...also known as a jerk. One thing I realized is to never tell jokes about their face. It's hard to tell funny jokes about girls if your not a girl, because you end up looking like a jerk. Jokes on guys are so much different than jokes on girls. Jokes on guys are definitely more physically harmful, and jokes on girls are very emotionally draining. I get all of my information on this description from the movie "Mean Girls." For more hilarious comedy, please subscribe to StandUpBits! And increase your daily funny.

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